GrowPax are different than your average moisture regulator. Because they scavenge oxygen, they need to be handled differently than other products in this category. See how we can help.

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GrowPax Testing Guidance


Handling Instructions for Testing Labs


The pouches can be resealed if all packets are not used. Press air out (or vacuum seal) with heat to preserve product efficacy. If packets have been exposed for more than an hour, throw away any leftovers. Do not use packets that have been exposed to air for more than an hour.


Each packet has an oxygen capacity. A 2 gram packet has 50CC of capacity, a 4 gram packet has 100CC of capacity, and an 8 gram packet has 200CC of capacity. For sizing, please consider the volume of your container, how full it is, and the density of the product you are trying to protect. A 100cc bottle filled mostly to the top will still have oxygen, both in the headspace of the package, and in the flower – depending on density. Select a packet that you know will have the capacity to scavenge the correct amount of oxygen.

These packets are different. Treat them like an oxygen absorber, they have a finite capacity for oxygen and through technology we have established a two-hour activation window. 


Testing Guidance for Labs


Ensure packaging material is suitable for environmental control. Unsealed containers cannot protect the interior of a package from the outside environment. Some types of materials are not good oxygen or moisture barriers, in this event, a larger packet should be used to handle oxygen or moisture ingress over time.


Testing should be done with homogenous mixtures of flower to ensure proper results. For accuracy of tests, best results can be achieved by mixing flower from the same plant into different packages.

Different flower can provide different results, each component may be affected by different circumstances even if it came off the same plant. Use care to ensure testing mixes are consistent throughout.

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