GrowPax are different than other humidity control products on the market. They require different care and handling.

Developed to specifically address the packaging needs of dried flower products


GrowPax Sizing Tips


Each GrowPax has a different absorption capacity, for large containers, multiple packets can be used, and sizes can be mixed and matched.

  • 2 gram GrowPax: 50cc
  • 4 gram GrowPax: 100cc
  • 8 gram GrowPax: 200cc 

For reference, a glass jar that is 5 inches high, and a diameter of 3 inches will have a capacity of about 120cc. If you use a 4 gram GrowPax in that glass jar your product would be protected.

An HDPE (a type of plastic) jar that is 3.75 inches by 3.5 inches will need a little bit more protection because the material allows more ingress. This jar would have a capacity of about 150cc. An 8 gram GrowPax should be used to project this container.


GrowPax Handling Instructions

  • Open PouchOpening the Pouch

    Carefully cut open the corner of the pouch, leaving enough room for the package to be resealed.
  • Taking Them OutRemove Packets

    Remove only enough packets that can be placed and sealed into the final package within an hour or so, depending on the atmosphere in the room.
  • Get the Pouch ReadyRemove Excess Air

    Remove as much air as possible from the package if you intend to reseal it. This is best accomplished with a high-temp vacuum sealer.
  • Keeping the Contents ActiveReseal the Pouch

    Reseal the pouch with a high temperature sealer once air has been removed. This will protect unused product. Excessive opening and sealing of pouches is discouraged as product may activate and run out of capacity.
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